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I have always been interested in animal welfare since I worked as a kennel hand for the RSPCA in 1996 at (what was) Fursdon Kennels.  There I met Ron Paice, a highly qualified ex-police dog handler who led me into the world of canine training and helped me catch a glimpse of the world of canine behavior good and bad! Ron helped me train Bella for a City and Guilds award and was very patient with me!   It is always he owner that needs the training rather than the dog and of course all my dogs are perfectly trained (pop into the shop and you will realize this actually is not quite the truth!) . His is a totally reward based training method and is amazing to watch him work. He is an inspiration and source of information and help to me ever since.


In 2004 I was lucky enough to observe first hand the work of Shaun Ellis which culminated in two visits to my shop to meet the public with three wolf cubs, once when they were  8 weeks old and again at 12 weeks old. He is a very charismatic man whose knowledge of canine behavior (in my opinion) is second to none. It was a privilege to watch him work and to see his reputation to develop.


There are many books on the market about dog training and behavior,  John Fisher's book 'Think Dog' is a book I strongly recommend, it is down to earth and really allows you into the dogs mind.  It is only by understanding 'normal' behavior that you can start to right any wrongs.  Programmes like 'Dog Borstal' are good entertainment but there is no substitute for hands on training with a qualified dog trainer or behaviorist.  Please note there is a difference between dog trainer and dog behaviorist and it is worth checking if your choice of trainer belongs to any associations such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  Much more information should be available from your vet, they may have a behaviorist attached to their surgery and if you pet is insured you may be able to claim on your insurance policy for this help.







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