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Brodie was a beautiful white English Bull Terrier and I would like to talk to you about her and this wonderful breed.


Brodie was put to sleep in her Daddys arms at the wonderful age of 13 and a half on the 10th June 2010.


We were her proud owners from the age of 6 weeks, she grew up with cats her four legged best friends.  They shared water and sometimes food and always sharing a bed - or two!  Our children were very young when we got Brodie and she loved them as much as they loved her. What a wonderful breed to grow up with!Always around and always loving with a gentle nature.  Amazing to think she was totally deaf and we trained her with hand signals.


Brodie spent her life doing what we did as a family she loved to sit upright on the seat of my little sports car on the way to work looking at all the people going past. We always got lots of smiles back.  She always seemed to know when the weekend was coming up and it was time to get ready to go to the caravan.  Brodie had lots of friends in Cornwall, everyone at Harlyn beach knew her and would watch her run around like a lunatic on the sand!  She just loved life.  In the evening barbeque would start and she would wait for her food to be cooked - she was very partial to a pork steak and chicken breast!  Then we would light a bonfire and she would sit on her chair and look at the stars with us.  What an amazing girl she was.


All our family treated her as one of the crew and she was in complete balance with us. She was soft gentle and full of unconditional love. I think we were the luckiest family in the world to have her in our lives.


The years started to take their toll and she became slower and creakier as we all do.  We nursed her with all our hearts and gave her all the time she needed.  When we knew the end was near I talked to her every day telling her what she meant to me and the family, she would like the salty tears from my face and put her head on my chest.


It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  She went quietly to sleep and she looked as though she had the sun shining down on her.


"Grief is the price you pay for love" how true that is.


Brodie was an absolute credit to the English Bull Terrier and she is sorely missed by everyone who knew her.


Just because a breed has a certain reputation please dont walk away.  There are so many English Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers who have never done anything wrong in rescue centres please dont dismiss them - take another look and think of Brodie


Love and light to you all




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